Louis Jalaber and Simon Szleper, two young entrepreneurs, are preparing to make their dream come true, namely of creating their own brand of watches, Atelier Jalaper. This dream was born at ESCP Europe, their Parisian business school. It’s an ambitious project that combines their shared passion for watchmaking and cars and their desire to share it in an unprecedented way.


A legend on the wrist

If watchmaking and cars have for a very long time nurtured steadfast links, it’s surely because these two worlds share identical psychological origins, those that stir and give pleasure to an audience that appreciates beautiful mechanisms.

Atelier Jalaper falls within this tradition, associating these two worlds in a totally novel and original fashion. The aim of this brand is in fact to create watches offering their owners a fragment of a car legend. This is not just a figure of speech. Every Atelier Jalaper watch physically and visibly incorporates a genuine and authenticated part of a legendary car. Technical prowess incorporated into a design perfected after two years of intensive work.

By marrying the materials that shape these two worlds, an Atelier Jalaper watch is intended as the embodiment of a union, that of power, elegance, precision, legend and Time.

Starting with the AM DB5

To launch their first series limited to 600 watches, Louis Jalaber and Simon Szleper have focused on the AM DB5.
This model of the British make, of which only about a thousand were produced from 1963 to 1965, was elevated to the rank of a legend, thanks in particular to a certain James Bond.

Every watch in this first series, which is classified into four models, will therefore be created on the basis of a genuine part taken from an AM DB5 which will be engraved on the back of its case with the corresponding chassis number.

This physical footprint of a mythical dimension will be powered by the Japanese Miyota (Citizen) movement, which is renowned for its reliability and robustness. This choice will also allow this watch to meet the aim of affordability that the founders have set themselves. “There is no reason to limit watch lovers on the basis of the contents of their wallets,” proclaim the young entrepreneurs.

These automatic mechanical watches will be assembled by their Swiss partner who works for several prestigious watch brands and is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Appeal for funds

To implement their project, Louis Jalaber and Simon Szleper have inaugurated the equity-based investment process by presenting Atelier Jalaper on the Kickstarter platform “We are making every effort to ensure that our watches honor legendary cars, with all the required rigour and commitment to excellence. This is why we need the commitment, support and recognition of lovers of watches and cars to implement our project. Among the many platforms of this kind, Kickstarter has naturally established itself as the technological springboard most suited to the image, mission and ambition of our brand. It allows dreamers like us to share their projects and raise funds. Today we are approaching the manufacturing phase and the excitement is at its peak. We are looking forward to finalizing the prototypes of the 4 models in our first series!”

Spoiling the “First lovers”


This platform will also be offering watches from this first limited series in an advance sale since these young entrepreneurs are keen to reward the “First lovers” of Atelier Jalaper. In return for their financial participation, they will be given an opportunity to acquire a watch at a reduced price compared to that to be offered in future online sales on the website, which is currently being built. They will also benefit from immersion into the world of watchmaking thanks in particular to discovery days in the ateliers of the manufacturing partner in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland.

Simon Szleper

Presenting a new watch to the market is very exciting to me after being on the other side of the industry when I was collecting them.

Louis Jalaber

I have been growing up in an automobile environment and have always been passionate about watches and their mechanisms as far as I can remember.


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