Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is a beautiful car. It was designed to replace Ferrari’s FF model and indeed, the formula has remained the same, but the results are significantly improved.

The Lusso contains four seats and a long, sweeping body. It has an imposing shooting brake shape. It’s both powerful and highly sophisticated. There’s a sense of true luxury around it. With it’s 12-cylinder engine, every journey is unforgettably set apart from journeys in cars of lesser quality. The Lusso is designed to ensure that solo drivers and people filling each of the luxurious four seats feel like they’re at the centre of something truly special.

Another fantastic detail is that the car offers a remarkable acoustic experience, as it has fantastic insulation from exterior noise. The driver’s music feels intense and incredibly high-quality.

Design and Manufacture

Intensive research and development went into the design and manufacture of the Ferrari Lusso, and as a result, the 262 cc V12 engine’s maximum power output was increased to 690cv. This makes the Ferrari Lusso the most powerful car in its segment. The car was designed with power and comfort in mind, and it features a unique four wheel drive system that is 50% lighter than a conventional 4 wheel drive set up. The Lusso is guaranteed to drive superbly in all weather conditions. It also features new control and integration logics with rear-wheel steering.

Notably, the Lusso was designed with an engine that fires up more quietly in the mornings in response to previous customer feedback.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso as an Investment

Much like watches with the finest designs, materials and quality, the Ferrari Lusso commands a hefty price. The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso comes in at around £243,191. To us here at Atelier Jalaper, this car is certainly worth the investment. We recognize great craftmanship and beautiful engineering. Much like a watch, this is an investment piece that can be cherished and loved by generations throughout the years.


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