Ferrari Testarossa

The incredibly dramatic and eye-catching Ferrari Testarossa was unveiled at the Paris Auto Show in 1984. The car’s name, Testarossa, means “red head” in Italian. Indeed, it lives up to its name with beautiful red-painted cam covers on the car’s 12-cylinder engine. The unique name also pays homage to the 1957 World Sportscar Championship winner; the 250 Testa Rossa sports racing car.

The car itself is a stunning two-door coupe, and two separate versions were released over time. All versions were available with rear-mounted, five-speed manual transmission.

The Testarossa carries a legend of groundbreaking speed and power.

Design and Manufacture

The design of the Testarossa makes it a real stand-out figure in automobile design history. It was a huge departure from Ferrari’s usual curvaceous boxer, introducing a much sharper, boxy design to the market. The side strakes are large and span from the doors to the rear fenders. They were required because many countries have laws in place that make large openings on cars illegal. However, these large strakes became an iconic style statement – emblematic of the late eighties.

Designed by Pininfarina, the team was led by Leonardo Fioravanti, who was well-known for having designed a few other contemporary Ferraris. Fiorvanti’s approach and eye for design was crucial to the outcome of this car, as he was trained in aerodynamics. He applied his advanced knowledge, and the outcome was a beautifully aerodynamic car.

Ferrari Testarossa and Watchmaking History

The Ferrari Testarossa’s namesake is the 250 Testa Rossa race car which was driven by many notable drivers of the time. Included in this list is Dan Gurney, the famous American driver. He was well known for wearing a variety of watches on his wrist at the peak of his career, but none so rare and beautiful as the Breguet Diver. This stunning watch was designed for deep-sea diving, and so the fact that Dan Gurney chose to sport one during the 1965 Grand Prix was a truly exciting move. With the Bakelite bezel, extra-large luminous hour markers, and Breguet signature on the dial, we at Atelier Jalaper see why the watch is a stunning piece of the Testarossa’s history and legacy.


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