Full transparency as regards our products is our main objective.

From the authenticity of the Aston Martin DB5 bonnet to the production process of our watches. You will find here pictures and videos that will explain everything. 

To supervise the assembly of our watches we fully trust our gifted master watchmaker : Stephan Muller. With no less than 20 years of experience in the industry working for prestigious brands we knew it was a real opportunity for us to collaborate with Stephan.

He is in charge of supervising the whole production with his trusted colleagues in Hong Kong. To keep you informed as to our progress, we interviewed him in his office where he explains all about his collaboration with us and our ambitious project.
Since day one our mission has been to obtain first class quality. 

Meet Stephan our Swiss partner

Paying tribute to the iconic legends from the 60s in the way we do is completely unique. 
But how do we prove that the DB5 bonnet we use to produce our dials is an original one ? 

We thought the best way to prove it was to go directly to Aston Martin Works to get an official authentication. 

This is exactly what we did...


329 Avenue Molière

1180 Bruxelles

‭+32 495 54 78 80‬

Warehouse : La Chaux-de-Fonds

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